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25 / 6-26 / 6/2015 - there will be a photography course and DSD Digital Smile Design. Theoretical-practical course combined technicians / doctors
Center for Aesthetics and Dental Implants
The center was established to provide the dental community the opportunity to be involved in the field of aesthetic dentistry and modern .
The Center targets
The Center targets: • be abreast of all the technologies, materials and innovations in the field • Share articles and literature together • acquire confidence in complex cases • raise the level of knowledge by participating in meetings of the Central and together will share our experience • improve collaboration between doctors from all fields and laboratories teeth
Registration has opened to the most requested course in dentistry today
Limited space! Hurry to register 048 700 959
Center for Aesthetics and Dental Implants
Good luck to all participating DSD course under the guidance of Dr. Fadi
DSD course in January 2015 successfully passed
Registration opened to SMILE DESIGN course. for details call: 04-8700959
Congratulations to Dr. Fadi Khoury
Doctors recommendations
Clinic Fadi Khoury, Into a smile and leave with a smile bigger than Courteous and pleasant, excellent ratio פריינטה יוסי, 22.11.12
I was treated in the clinic of Fadi Khoury, dedicated care, "moving" and good. Ratio excellent team doctor Fadi Khoury charming man, even painful and complicated treatment pass "easily" without much suffering. Care and maintains a comfortable and good patient, so I thank them for that. And of course recommends to contact the clinic to anyone who needs it בתודה נ.ב. 22.11.12
I am very happy with the work I have done transplantation Venitocim without pain after each treatment functioning Normal, thanks בן-עמי דוד, 13.12.10
Dr. Khoury, thank you for the devoted care and responsible, I was offered the treatment method ALL ON 4 After doing all the necessary tests. At first I hesitated, not sure if the results but after a patient, I could finally smile mouth And I feel complete satisfaction. Introducing me confidence and I thank you from the heart. אזולאי מוריס 30.6.11
I had dental treatment using ALL ON 4 with Dr. Fadi Khoury. Though I explained rehabilitation and healing after surgery will not be difficult, I was amazed to know and feel how the recovery was quick and easy. My feeling great after surgery, the mouth looks aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Will recommend Dr. Fadi Khoury to all my friends and family members who need dental care Thanks and welcome. אהרון בן נעים, מטופל מרוצה 23.10.11
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